Wall Calendar 2024

With inspirational scripture verses
Flavour: How Great
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Wall Calendars 2024

With inspirational scripture verses, Staple binding, Cover printed on 250gsm art card,

Content printed on 128gsm art paper.

size: 30(W) x 22.5(H) cm


1) Proverbs For Today (SEWC53120-OM)

Featuring beautiful photographs of flowers, this wall calendar comes with verses from the book

of Proverbs, providing wisdom and guidance.

Perfect for those who love flowers and are looking to be inspired.


2) Psalms From My Heart (SEWC53121-OM)

Delight yourself in the delicate beauty of flowers and the intricate craftsmanship of our Maker.

Psalms from my heart portray beautiful flowers and scriptures from the book of Psalms.


3) Peaceful Gardens (SEWC53122-OM)

Presents scenic lush gardens displaying the Father's pleasure and delight through 

His beautiful creations. Find peace and rest in the comfort of scripture verses as you

reflect on nature's tranquility.


4) How Great Thou Art (SEWC53123-OM)

Features magnificent sceneries of Australia's renowned landscapes and scripture verses

that magnify His greatness. Be submerged in the beauty of His creations as you ponder

on each scripture.



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